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How to save money when buying an Outdoor Storage Shed Kit!

When choosing a storage shed to save you money, most people buy a storage shed on the size of the shed. This is good but most people do not use the top half of the shed. Let me explain, most larger sheds are 5′-7′ high but is reality a garbage bin even a 96 gallon garbage bin is only around 4′ high. The average mower is less than 4′ high. So for storing items like bicycles, garbage bins, mowers or even wood for burning why not consider a ‘low profile’ storage shed?
Why low-profile storage sheds save money?
The simple answer is you are not paying for the material to build the shed taller than you need!
Low-profile storage shed have many advantages
The will always be cheaper storage sheds than their taller cousins.
Being lower profile these storage sheds take up less room.
They can be easily hidden from view from neighbours, unwanted thieves.
Being a lower height storage shed they are easier and quicker to assemble than a taller shed of the same floor size.
The low-profile storage sheds we recommend have easy front access but most importantly have a lift up roof with gas struts. WOW what a great idea! You can access the shed without stooping (if you are tall), and with gas struts just like your car hood, it stays up without hands!
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Anchoring a small storage shed so it does not blow away.

Anchoring a small outdoor storage sheds is a must, particularly when strong winds or violent storms occur. Failure to anchor in these conditions generally means your shed will move or in worse case situation simply fly away.
Metal sheds are designed to be anchored to a solid masonry or concrete slab, some even come with a concrete floor anchor kit including a channel clip and masonry bolts.

Storage-sheds anchor kit

If a concrete slab sounds too hard here is a tip for you, attach your shed to your house or fence. Simply securely attach some hardwood 3×2 pieces to the wall or fence and then attach the shed to these hardwood pieces. This method can be applied to resin or wooden sheds.
When attaching any shed in this way make sure the shed is placed on level ground.
Also adding a floor to the shed that is attached to the walls will, when loaded with goods, add extra weight to hold the storage shed in place.

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