Horizontal style with lifting Roof-Door
and dual Front Swinging Doors.

Model No. BW0503HSH-GY

Shed Style:
Nominal SIze [ W x D ]:
Width [ In/Out ]:
Height [ In/Out ]:
Depth [ In/Out ]:
Sq. Footage:
Shipping Weight:
Floor Frame Kit:
Dark Grey / Blue Grey
6 x 3 Model
6.5 foot
4.25 foot
3.08 foot
77 cubic feet
18 square foot
Zinc Galvanized Steel
105.8 pound
6 ft. x 3 ft. [ optional ]
What's Included
  • 3 Keyed Padlocks (secures shed at 3-points).
  • 6 Handy Hooks for Hanging Misc. Items.
  • Lifting Roof-Door with Pneumatic Gas Struts.
  • Rivets and Heavy Duty Rivet Tool.
  • Ground and/or Wall Anchor Kit.
  • 20-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
    • Made from 0.326mm (0.0125) Zinc Galvanized Steel
    • Store up to 3 adult bikes, OR 3 wheeled garbage bins
    • 4-foot Low profile shed with sloping roof for rainwater run off
    • 2 coat paint  - anti-rust premium enamel - hot dipped
    • Rivet Gun & Rivets provided for added assembled security
    • Gas strutted lift-up roof for ease of access

This small low-profile kit shed at 6 feet 5 inches X 3 feet and only 4 feet and 2inch high hides itself from the outside world. Designed originally as a bike storage shed with enough room for 3 adult bicycles it is a secure small shed with rivet construction and supplied with 3 locking points and 3 padlocks. The shed is waterproof with a slightly sloping roof for water run- off. The shed roof has pneumatic gas struts to hold the roof in the open position hands free. Two wide doors at the front of this small kit shed provides complete access from the front of the shed.

This small kit shed is shipped as a flat-packed kit to minimize cost. As well as a bike storage shed, this is great for storing garden tools, firewood, lawn mower and even 3X64-gallon wheeled trash bins. Want to store your BBQ? This small shed will take most barbecues and with some minor adjustment to the roof struts you can even cook on your barbecue in this shed (please measure your barbecue with lid open to see if your barbecue will fit this shed). For added strength and security, the shed is supplied rivets and a rivet gun for rivet construction, 3padlock and floor anchors are also included.

This is a Do-it-Yourself kit shed and requires assembly, assembly will take 5-8 hours depending on your DIY skills. Please read through the instructions before commencing construction, this will save you time and make construction easier. If you prefer not to install this shed on a concrete slab, then we recommend attaching the back wall of the shed to an existing wall or fence.

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