Build-Well - Handy Lean-IN Style Shed

Handy Lean-In style storage sheds with a Half-Folding
Roof-Door and Downward-Folding Front Door
...this is a unique Handy Lean-In small metal storage shed;
...a style shed is a perfect addition to any backyard or garden; is the secure, small footpring storage solution you've been looking for;
...this style of shed is ideally suited for outdoor funiture, bbq grills
kids toys, yard tools, generators, firewood and much more.
4x3 Handy Lean-In
(4.0ft x 3.0ft.)
Model Number

This is a low profile shed at only 3 feet 6 inch high.  It will stay below fence heights hiding the shed from view.  It is the ideal storage shed for hiding the pool pump and filter, kids outdoor toys, and pool toys.

This small handy storage shed can also be a great generator cover or pump cover and also works as a blow-back valve cover  Additionally, this shed once installed around a pool pump will reduce the noises associated with a pool pump and filter when in operation.

The shed has a lift back lid to enable easy top access and where applicable removal of cartridge filters for cleaning.  The front wall of the shed has a drop down front, this hides the pump but allows easy access for maintenance when required.

This shed is 3ft. 6in. high (1.06m).  The single swing-down provides lean-in access,.  This shed kit is supplied with 1 padlock for the door.  It is secured with both screw and rivet construction.

This is a shed kit and is shipped as a flat-packed box to minimize cost.

The shed is waterproof with a slightly sloping roof for water run- off.  One single swing-down door at the front of this small kit shed provides complete "lean-in" access from the front of the shed.

For added strength and security, the shed is supplied rivets and a rivet gun for rivet construction and a padlock.

This is a Do-it-Yourself kit shed and requires assembly.
Assembly will take 4-8 hours depending on your DIY skills. 

Please read through the instructions before commencing construction.  This will save you time and make construction much easier.  We've included time estimates with each of the major sections.  Plan your build accordingly and make sure you have enough workspace to move the large panels freely.

Additionally, a concrete base is preferred but this shed can be assembled without on any level ground.  If you prefer not to install this on a concrete slab, then it is recommended attaching the back wall of the shed to an existing wall or fence. website. Copyright 2017-2024. All Rights Reserved.